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Aquafolia Soothing Cleansing Essence 180 ml
Aquafolia Soothing Cleansing Essence 180 ml
Cleansing Essence Aquafolia
Natural origin cleanser Edmonton Alberta



Aquafolia Cleanser Collection by LOSHEN & CREM


Soothing Cleansing Essence


Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Gel. Unique sensation to the touch. Gently cleanses all skin types. Due to its formulation containing soapbark and three kinds of tea, it provides excellent cleansing properties and leaves your skin feeling energized. Brightens the complexion. Leaves no residue. Leaves a fresh and velvety smooth sensation and leaves your skin moisturized and perfectly clean.

  • No oil
  • Non-comedogenic
    • Presented in a tube
    • Velvety smooth gel texture
    • Cooling sensation
    • Brightens the complexion
    • Hydrosoluble cleans without leaving any residue
    • Leaves a fresh sensation
    • Leaves the skin supple and soothed
    • Amazing green tea smell
    • Removes eye make-up 
    • No oil

    Apply a small quantity all over face morning and night, massage lightly in a circular motion with wet fingers. Rinse thoroughly with water.

    (Educational information according to in-vitro and/or in-vivo and/or ex-vivo studies on ingredients that does not represent the fonctions of the concept or the product) 
    • Super gentle (soapbark cleanser)
    • Antioxidant (contains flavonoids – green, white and red tea extracts)
    • Antioxidant and antibacterial (olive leaf extract)
    ❖ The upper layers of the epidermis
    † From an appearance and/or sensation perspective


    Conjugate the pure energy of nature with the power of science


    Ecological packaging, also intelligent & hygienic.


    It is up to us to harmonize our evolution with that of the earth.

    Skin care made in Canada

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    We believe that working with the integrity of our skin will achieve better results.
    There is no need to hide behind makeup.
    JUST chill out on all the products and simply restore your skin.

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    Aquafolia Soothing Cleansing Essence 180 ml