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      Biologique Recherche

      With over 40 years of experience developing the most effective facial treatments and skincare products in the world, Biologique Recherche offers clients a personalized and holistic approach to skin care.

      Their advanced understanding of skin physiology has led to groundbreaking products, including their renowned Lotion P50 formulas. Shop below for Biologique Recherche cleansers, lotions, creams, serums and more to give your skin the healthy glow it deserves.

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      Biologique Recherche

      About Biologique Recherche

      Founded in the 1970s, Biologique Recherche was started by Yvan and Josette Allouche to provide beauty professionals with products that generate rejuvenating and individualized results for optimum skin health.

      The customized methodology of cosmetic treatments provided by Biologique Recherche is based in part on the fact that the skin is always changing, and composed of different properties that are unique to each person. Their products are made with a high concentration of active ingredients for Skin Instants©, which is a term the company coined to refer to the skin’s present condition at the time of the skin’s assessment.

      Philippe Allouche, son of the founders, is currently the company’s Research and Creative Director.

      Biologique Recherche products share many of the same properties:

      • No artificial scent
      • High-quality composition that respects the brand’s reputation and justifies its value
      • Active ingredients: botanical, marine, and biological extracts (most products contain a concentration of over 20%)
      • Cold formulations to ensure the integrity of the active ingredients’ original structures

      What is Biologique Recherche P50?

      Lotion P50 is the signature exfoliating toner of Biologique Recherche. It offers everything one wants from a liquid exfoliant:

      • Purification
      • Cleansing
      • Balancing
      • Re-conditioning

      Note: Certain P50 formulas are not available to Canadians because the formulas do not meet the regulations set by Health Canada: Lotion P50W, Lotion P50, Lotion P50V and Lotion P50 1970.

      Lotion P50T

      Among LOSHEN & CREM’s many product offerings is the Lotion P50T. It’s made for a range of skin types, including sensitive skin, so it has a low pH formulation with active ingredients, such as thyme essential oil.

      Lotion P50T is used to mattify and hydrate the epidermis while ensuring its pH level is balanced. Like many of the creams made by Biologique Recherche, this lotion can be applied to the face, neck, and cleavage areas with cotton pads.

      Note: It’s always a good practice to read the label for directions and ingredients.

      Which Biologique Recherche P50 is Right for Me?

      Biologique Recherche offers highly specialized skincare products, including its P50 line. We recommend speaking with a Loshen expert to find the right P50 and other products for your skin.

      Where Can I Buy Biologique Recherche in Canada?

      Through the LOSHEN & CREM boutique, you can buy many products made by Biologique Recherche. In order to access price information, we ask that you create an account or sign in. This brand produces highly researched and specialized products, so it is essential that you know which ones are suitable for you. Using inappropriate skincare products can cause imbalances in your skin.

      Do not hesitate to contact our professionals. However, if you have already had a skin assessment and know the products you require, feel free to browse the products above.

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