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      Experience the pinnacle of cosmeceutical innovation. Effectively combining medical precision with beauty expertise, Mesoestetic products offer targeted solutions for a range of skin concerns, from acne and oiliness to fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

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      SKIN BALANCE | Soothing serum | LOSHEN & CREM

      Advanced Treatments for Diverse Skin Needs

      Mesoestetic's product line caters to diverse skin types with specialized treatments. For oily skin and acne-prone skin, the brand provides potent formulations that reduce imperfections and promote a balanced complexion. Their anti-aging age element® products use science-backed ingredients to diminish signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

      Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones are also effectively treated with Mesoestetic's cutting-edge solutions, which are designed to lighten spots and even out skin colour. This range extends to focused face and eye care, addressing delicate issues around the eye contour with precision treatments for dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. 

      Purity and Efficacy in Harmony

      Mesoestetic aligns its commitment to results with a dedication to purity. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, their products are both effective and ethically responsible. This commitment also extends beyond the formulations to their sustainable packaging and practices.

      What sets Mesoestetic apart in the industry is its cosmeceutical approach, which emphasizes the use of higher concentrations of active ingredients than typical beauty products. This medical-grade potency is designed to promote tangible results as the skin undergoes its natural renewal process. 

      Experience the Mesoestetic Difference

      Loshen & Crem is proud to present this Mesoestetic collection. 

      Mesoestetic blends medical-grade potency with luxurious skincare, offering a range of products that cater to every skin concern. Whether you're combating the signs of aging, managing oily skin, or seeking solutions for hyperpigmentation, Mesoestetic provides targeted, effective treatments. Their innovative treatment formulas feature a unique combination of potent active ingredients and natural botanicals, ensuring each application not only treats your skin but also nourishes it deeply.