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      In this collection of Rene Furterer products, you can find everything you need to restore your hair's strength and beauty. René Furterer is a premium brand specializing in hair care and hair styling products that unite the benefits of botany and dermocosmetics to protect and enhance your hair.


      The Benefits of Using René Furterer Products

      With René Furterer products, each formula is carefully blended with a mixture of natural essential oils and plant extracts to help you grow beautiful hair from a healthy scalp. No matter your scalp and hair concerns – dry hair, hair loss, hair thinning, irritated scalps, or oily scalps – 

      René Furterer’s diverse collection of products will help you with all your hair care needs. 

      Naturia Dry Shampoo

      Refresh your hair, boast its volume and style healthier hair with just a few sprays of the lightly scented Naturia Dry Shampoo that leaves your hair looking fresher and fuller after each use. 

      Great for both natural and color treated hair, it's the perfect solution for busy weekdays when washing your hair doesn’t fit your busy schedule. Watch as the clay powders absorb all the excess oil and the essential oils help retain the scalps moisture balance so you can continue using styling products on your healthy hair. 

      Absolue Keratine Repair

      Do you have fragile hair that's in desperate need of repair? Split ends, thinning hair and constant damage from straightening and colour treatments can all become a problem of the past when you try Absolue Keratine Repair to help your hair regain its shine, suppleness and lightness. 

      This plant-based solution instantly melts into your hair, penetrating hair fibers so you can have visibly stronger and healthier looking hair that's more manageable and easy to style.  

      Astera Soothing Serum 

      Get the scalp treatments your scalp needs to reduce its itchiness, and restore its hydrolipidic film, along with creating an extra layer of protection. With Astera Soothing Serum, you can treat your sensitive scalp with a formula that leaves it feeling cool and nourished. This leave-in serum soothes and refreshes your irritated scalp with its natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and mint essential oils. 

      About Rene Furterer - Canada 

      René Furterer’s experienced team of hair care experts provide a luxurious and natural solution to all your hair and scalp concerns with their effective products that provide immediate relief and long-lasting results. Made from plant extracts and nourishing essential oils, free from harmful toxins, you are guaranteed the premium quality you deserve. Stock up on these fine hair care products, ranging from soothing hair masks to a nourishing hair oil, and experience luxury like never before!