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      Corpa Flora is a Canadian skin care brand whose products are formulated with various natural extracts to provide customers a gentler and healthier alternative to conventional skincare products!

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      FLORE DE PEAU facial biocellulose mask | Biocellulose mask | LOSHEN & CREM
      FLORE DE PEAU facial biocellulose mask
      Corpa Flora
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      About Corpa Flora Products 

      Corpa Flora relies on quality essential oils to create premium beauty serums that assist to enhance your skin’s overall appearance. With this collection, you will have an easy time finding a solution to help fight against skin dehydration and photoaging.


      Leave your skin supple and plump with Antidote H+. Its powerful ingredients optimize your skin’s hydration while helping reduce visible signs of aging, such as sunspots and hyperpigmentation. 

      The hyaluronic acid and vitamin C work in synergy to balance out your skin tone without you going through the trouble of using a separate toner! Now you don't need to develop a multi-step skincare routine because Antidote H+ will do the job for you.


      With just one daily pump of Antidote 02: Vitality you can gain back your confidence in a matter of days. After daily use of this vitality serum, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the pores in your skin are minimized and your vibrant complexion is visible again. 

      For those that have super sensitive skin that can’t tolerate conventional retinoids, this product will help increase new collagen production and reduce signs of photoaging. 


      Soothe your skin and reduce visible signs of redness, ​​dry tightness, burning, and broken capillaries. If you're a person who suffers from skin conditions, such as rosacea, then Antidote 03 Redness is a soothing oil serum designed just for you! The remarkable calming properties are useful in helping fight hypersensitivity and can even be used as an absorbent make up primer. 

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      The team of dedicated professionals at the Corpa Flora company manufactures a variety of nutritive skin care products fit for all skin types.

      Made using minerals and vitamins that promote healthy skin, Corpa Flora’s high-quality products are suitable for both professional spa or at-home use, providing their clients with ample options to promote healthier looking skin.