Everywhere You Can Find Biologique Recherche in Canada

Everywhere You Can Find Biologique Recherche in Canada

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Melissa Perdigao

“Jesus in a bottle.”

“It’s the Hèrmes of skincare.”


If you’re a beauty enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of French skincare brand Biologique Recherche and its signature exfoliating toner, Lotion P50. Although the brand is universally adored by those in the know, it’s also notoriously difficult to track down. 

Acquiring Biologique Recherche isn’t simply a matter of heading to a salon with a wishlist and a wad of cash; the brand wants anyone using their products to be analyzed first.  “Every person and every skin is special,” says Dr. Phillipe Allouche, MD, the son of the brand’s founders Yvan and Josette Allouche. “We reassess the skin instant every time we meet with a customer and re-evaluate the treatment and home routine needed,” he says.

The “skin instant” he is referring to is the condition of your skin at the exact moment it’s being evaluated. It’s determined based on a series of questions, close observations and (gentle!) skin prodding with a diagnostic machine. From there, facial treatments and skincare products are prescribed in a hyper-customized fashion. Allouche recommends evaluating your skin and replenishing your products every two months, which is equivalent to two epidermis cycles and just enough time to get through a bottle of serum.

When it comes to facial treatments, heat and extractions are swapped out for invigorating massage techniques and cooling tools such as cryo-sticks. “We believe the face skin needs a ‘workout’ as much as your body does. We call it dynamic training,” says Allouche. “What hands can do on skin in synergy with products can be amazing.” During the treatment, the aesthetician will work on one side of the face at a time,  focusing on the “weaker” side to encourage a balanced appearance. The results are instantaneous – catch a glimpse of yourself midway through a treatment and half of your face will be significantly perkier.

This exacting approach is at the very core of Biologique Recherche’s ethos, and explains its highly specific selection process for retailers. “The number one criteria is the talent and reputation of the team [along with] their ability to learn our methodology,” says Allouche. So, despite the brand’s recent expansion, don’t expect to find it at Sephora or your local Shoppers.

Below is a complete list of everywhere you can buy Biologique Recherche products and/or get a Biologique Recherche facial in Canada.


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