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Kim Pietrzyk
Transformational Serum

I purchased the smallest size to see if this would help my aging, acne prone, dry skin and I’m a believer! My skin is clearer and more luminous after only 10 days. I’ve ordered the larger bottle and hoping to see continued improvements.


Super soft mask . Loved this one


Wasn’t my favourite moisturizer .


This helped reduce redness on my rosacea face ! I used in the morning , great for the day !

Great Moisture

Extreme moisturizing !!


Great for acne prone skin !


Recused my rosacea skin and left it soft and moisturizer !


This has changed my skin texture. I have been looking for a product that actually works! so happy!!!


My absolute fav moisturizer ! Doesn’t leave my fave feeling oily or heavy. Super silky texture . Would recommend for all skin types.


Super soft creme cleanser. Light and smooth. Love this product !


Absolute favourite facial cream . Super silky and soft, not to heavy. Leave a beautiful shine, no irritation for my sensitive skin !


My teenage girls give this product a 5 star. They love it !


My gosh… I’m so happy with my pillowcase !! I wake up and my hair is no longer a mess. I’ve also noticed a huge improvement to my skin in the mornings ! Would recommend ++ not to mention the design is adorable !

plumping and firming

I'm in my early 30s so starting to get on with the anti aging products. This is a lovely serum to plump and firm my skin without causing any irritation or intensity. I'm using this for prevention so I haven't seen a major lifting, perhaps cause my skin hasn't sagged yet but I'm hoping it will keep it like that!

works as always!

I have been using this for 2 years now in alternation with P50T toner. I like to switch them a couple weeks at a time just to keep my skin from getting used to one. they both work really well. I find this one slightly more gentle and really helps to keep redness down and brighten the skin more.

spa at home

I enjoy using this with other BR masks usually only on my t-zone where I'm more oily. It helps with deep cleaning of the skin and it's easily spreadable--a little goes a long way!

always a nice pick me up

I love this one on it's own or mixed in with Mask Vivant. It brightens the skin and the skin texture is so soft and smooth after. I use this once a week and helps keep my skin feeling clean!

always stocked up

I always have this stocked up and squeeze some in a travel bottle while travelling. It is the prevention and protector and healer of acne skin. It's a must have but the smell does take some getting used to. I always use it to the very last bit--cut the bottle open from the top and scoop out everything! too good to waste!

love this!

I bought the small one for my long haul flight! did wonders to keep skin refreshed and plump, and felt so good when I was feeling fatigued. I just got the big bottle to refill then small one! It's the best mist I have ever used and it gives a lasting glow to the skin! Like magic!

Mind changed

I used to think this was too expensive for a lip balm but it healed some seriously dry cracked lips when nothing else would. Great for winter. Totally recommend.


I really liked this cream. It’s very heavy and hydrating, helpful for repairing damaged skin. I only used it at night and saw good results.


I tried a sample of this and it is so so rich and nice. Perfect for winter ot harsh conditions. I love it.


This is so smart! It’s hard to find eye safe products with spf. Blends well!

Such chic packaging

This is such a pretty bottle of handsoap. Would make a great housewarming gift!

Nice for nurses

I got this in a spa treatment and it was so nice! Would be nice for a nurse or anyone who works on their feet.