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Lotion P50

I’ve taken a break from P50 to try another brand’s toner and after reintroducing this product back into my routine I noticed a positive effect right away.
Loshen’s team always goes above and beyond to provide the best customer experience.


Great for my sun spots. I use it a few times a week & its slowly improving some stubborn spots.

Amazing for my dark under eyes!

I have hereditary dark under eyes & this is the only product I've ever tried that Literally made my under eyes bright & plump!

Great for reactive skin!

I've used retinoid for years for my acne, which made my skin very thin/reactive and this cream really healed my skin texture and made it stronger without any breakouts.

Completement changer ma vie

VERTE ESPOIR a complètement changer ma vie, ma rosacee, jamais je n'avais trouvé une creme qui calmait mes rougeurs. WOW !! et le service de Sarah est juste incroyable, Si seulement vous pourriez avoir plus de gammes, je magasinerais tout mes produits sur Loshen.

Holy Grail

Have been using this mask on a weekly basis for a few years now. I wasn’t a believer in masks before this one. My skin feels and looks so much better after using it.

Amazing product

I’ve been using this lotion for a few years and it always made my skin look great.
Thank you Loshen team for fast shipping and amazing customer service. You are my favourite online store for skincare and especially Biologique Recherche products.


Works wonders for fine lines

I bought this for my mom who is 52, and this has really helped with smoothing her fine lines on her face. Definitely a repurchase & definitely recommend this for anyone who is have trouble with wrinkles, this cream is for you!


This hydrating serum worked wonders for me. Hydrated my skin while also leaving it soft and smooth! This serum doesn't just sit on the top on your skin like the others on the market which sometimes can tend to be sticky, none of that with this serum.

The perfect cream

This is one cream that I will never be without! I have combination skin that is extremely dehydrated. This was perfect for my skin! It hydrated my skin beautifully without breaking me out at all, while also brightening my skin and making it so smooth!


Love to mix this with Vivant during the colder months. It feels so soothing.



Joy in a Jar!

This cream is just wonderful. My skin went from being a little bumpy, lightly scarred and dull to smooth, calm and nourished quite literally overnight. I could not be more pleased with the results. My skin looks even toned and feels amazing!

Magic in a Bottle

This product has been a game changer. It hasn’t caused me to break out. It has kept my skin exfoliated and fresh without harsh physical exfoliation. My skin has honestly never looked better.

Moisture and silky finish

Unlike other creams for dehydrated skin, i don’t need to load on VG Derm. It has a silky finish, and I can imagine using this even in warmer months when I want the comfort and moisture!



I felt that the bristles are a bit sharp. My scalp is sensitive and I was hoping that this product would cut down on irritating it. It glides through my thick hair nicely.



P50 400

Working good so far!

Perfect product

Perfect product

Healing and moisturizing

This cream really helps to speed up the recovery after a blemish has healed and leave my skin even toned and without a dry patch!

This produce does EVERYTHING they say it does!

I am so pleased I tried this product with Sarah's guidance. I have been trying to balance my skin's needs as I age, and it has been a real learning process. The Youth Complex has reduced pore size, tightens my skin and seems to hydrate it well without leading to cystic breakouts, which I seem prone to now. I know it is a little pricy but it is worth the money - I'm using it at night and the Aquafolia 3A in the day. Great combination. Thanks Sarah!!