Bespoke Facial Edmonton
Building better, stronger, healthier skin.


with Sarah-Maude Cabana.

Bespoke Facial by Sarah-Maude Cabana

what is the
BesPoke facial

Your journey begins with a welcome massage before you are brought through the step-by-step process of product introduction through lifting and sculpting massage techniques of the face. You will leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated from the inside out.

Building better, stronger, healthier skin.

The BESPOKE  tailor-made facial.

Each skin is unique and changes daily.

In this facial treatment, Sarah will personalize your treatment by creating a cocktail of active ingredients. There may also be adjustments made using technologies such as the secret weapon of LED or micro-current or radio-frequency or high-frequency or vapour and more.
Your skin will be balanced, glowing and soothed.
Results last longer if you have a suitable routine at home.

Please note that RF & MC may be subject to additional fees.

Your Questions Answered

The Bespoke Facial can be done as frequently as once per month. It is an incredible treatment for building stronger skin. It's better to ask our professional. Since it's personalized to your skin, the recommendation will be based on your skin.

It's a 60 to 90 minutes facial. In general, It includes a face massage, an exfoliant adapted to your skin, a masque and sometimes double mask.

We are located

Edmonton Alberta.

By appointment Only.