The face, philosophy and essence behind the brand.

"Sarah isn't serious all the time. On the contrary! She's quite goofy and her laugh is bigger than she is!"

It all started when I was 13. I worked at the famous fast food Burger King, where I learned good customer service skills.
Back then, I aspired to be a dentist, but guess what? I couldn't stand the sight of blood.

And so, not knowing what I would do, I left Cegep (a school between High School and University) and took my aesthetic course in 2004 at Institut International Edith Serei. I will never forget the day Mme Serei came to our class and said that out of the 14 students, only two would stay in the esthetic industry for their whole life. Turns out, it's true.

When I got my diploma, I worked in spas (real Spa) until I transitioned into customer service for a big brand, PhytoDerm (YonKa & GM Collin). I loved working at Phytoderm. I worked there for almost ten years. I have learned so much from their business culture, research, and development. At 24, they offered me a full-time job as a Business Consultant, and I got to take over The Maritimes and Ontario. I then worked for brands such as Dermalogica, LDR and A Pharmaceutical company. To this day, it's a proud accomplishment to have been a business development consultant in each province.

To know me is to know that I am incredibly passionate about everything in this industry.

I started Loshen & Crem to standardize the industry by sharing knowledge and educating people, consumers and professionals. People underestimate how their skin impacts their lives and how much false information exists. Your skin is your biggest organ; you should respect and care for it. I have been sharing my philosophy for over ten years now. My voice isn't as big as Oprah's, but when I see her start sharing things I have been saying over the past years, it makes me happy to see that. Finally, people are understanding. I will not change your life, but I will be pleased if I can be a part of one thing that changes it.

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WONDER FALLS | Cleansing balm | LOSHEN & CREM
WONDER FALLS | Cleansing balm | LOSHEN & CREM