The essence of the earth, vital to your skin’s health!

It's is water. h20. The most common skincare ingredient of all at the very first spot of the ingredient list.
Active ingredients are often in powder form. They need to be put into a solution (dissolved in water) to effectively permeate our skin at the proper dosage level. Water is Solvent for ingredients.

There is a myth circulating that water is a filler in skincare— it's a MYTH. 

DYK? hydrated skin helps to regulate sebum production? Dehydrated skin often produces more oil because it is compensating for lack of water. Dehydrated skin is also less resilient to environmental irritants. 

An "ordinary" water, such as tap water, is not suitable for cosmetics. Atop of being bacteriologically faultless, without any germs or bacteria, odourless, it shall not contain (or at least, in very low quantities) calcium or heavy metals (such as lead, copper, iron…) or unwanted minerals.


  • WHAT-IT-DOES: solvent
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  • Chemical/IUPAC Name:  Aqua