How often should we get facials

How often should we get facials | Loshen & Crem

We get this question quite often and wanted to emphasize the HOW OFTEN should we get facials ?

The results of facials are cumulative, which means the more you have, the better the results. That makes sense, right?

I would like you to think of facials the same way you think of eating healthy or exercising = As I said in a previous story, it's SELF-CARE.

Again, in 2020, many people still see skin treatments as a luxury, not a priority.

The answer is YOUR SKIN GOAL and what you do at home.
All skins are different. Your lifestyle, discipline, health, and home routine will affect how often you should have a facial.

An at-home routine is essential for maintaining healthy skin between facial appointments.

Although I think changing your at-home skincare routine every season is essential.
Finding a licensed professional that you trust would be the best, and then your professional will be able to tell you, based on your skin analysis, if it's time for a facial or skin treatment.

If you ask my clients, I question them a lot, about everything and that, on every visit.
If your professional doesn't, you should ask yourself why, because our lifestyles are changing. You might be taking a new medication, new supplements, more or less exercise, more stressed, etc.
Simple things like now, where we start our fireplace, will impact your skin, and your professional should ask you these questions.

Keep in mind:
Botulinum toxins and fillers have nothing to do with the quality of the skin, so you still need to take care of your skin. Note that you must wait at least 14 days after your injections to get a facial treatment.
I don't do facials or treatments on people who are taking isotretinoin (better known as Accutane)
Pregnancy, you can still benefit from facials, but please always contact me first as I have many questions.
I do not have clients that are in chemotherapy or who have had chemotherapy during the year.

To conclude,
Remember that an average skin cycle is 18-28 days (this may increase with age). Getting facial under the skin cycle can be irritating and create the opposite of what we want.

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