The New Lotion P50: Everything You Need to Know

The New Lotion P50: Everything You Need to Know

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The latest version of the cult-favourite exfoliating toner.

If you've been reading here for while, then you've no doubt heard me mention Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 about a million times.

The cult-favourite exfoliating toner—which has been called "Jesus in a bottle!"—is the reason why I've become such an advocate for regular gentle acid exfoliation. 

I first started dabbling with it when I managed to score a sample back in my magazine editor days (it wasn't even sold in Canada at the time). When the brand finally landed here in 2014, I was ecstatic to have a readily available supply, so I could finally commit to their recommended twice-daily application. And... WOW. I can't think of any other topical product that will make such rapid, dramatic improvements to your skin.

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