The Handoff

The Handoff

How sanitizing is stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

We’ve been putting our hands through the wringer since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Touch a surface, sanitize. 

Sneeze, sanitize.

Wash, scrub, rinse and repeat. Sanitize. Sanitize. Sanitize. 

Most retail spaces, doctors’ offices, salons, and any other places open to the public typically have those harsh alcohol sanitizers that smell like cheap tequila. A busy day of appointments, running errands and hitting up the grocery store can leave you feeling drunk on the fumes.

Feel the burn. The alcohols that kill germs also dehydrate your skin and can leave your hands dry and chapped. One squirt of the sanitizer will detect any cracks or cuts in your skin with that sharp stinging sensation. 

Not to worry. Soothing remedies are close at hand. 

Caring for your hands is just as important as how you care for your face. Our hands age and suffer skin damage if not shown some TLC. Here are some simple tips to keep them soft and protected. 

Use a moisturizing soap or sanitizer. Touchland has various soft, nose-pleasing scents that won’t leave you feeling dizzy and include a fragrance-free option. With alcohols to kill the germs, the moisturizing Aloe Vera Leaf Juice delivers soothing moisture to your skin. 

Moisturize. Applying cream or lotion immediately after washing will help lock in moisture. Gehwol med Salve for Cracked Skin is the perfect remedy for healing hands. It quickly provides a calming salve to comfort painful cracks and cuts. Cuticles also take a beating and end up raw and tender. Nourish with plant-based Nailmatic Precious Oil to keep cuticles supple between manicures. 

Protect. The skin on your hands is as delicate as your lips and around your eyes. Therefore, sun protection is just as important. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or driving in your car, your hands are absorbing those damaging rays. Use sun protection the same way you would apply it to the rest of your body. EltaMD UV Sport provides broad-spectrum SPF 50 and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it suitable for working hands. Reapply as necessary.

Your hands are working overtime, but they don’t have to show signs of fatigue. Show them some love with these simple steps. You’ll be glad you did. 

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