Seasonal Skincare

Seasonal Skincare

Why should we change things up when the weather does

It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing colour, the temperatures are dropping, and our skin is starting to feel dry and irritated. That's right; it's time to change our skincare routine for the colder months! Here's a quick guide on why seasonal skincare is essential and how to adjust your routine for the fall and winter.

Our skin works harder than we think! 

Our skin is our largest organ and does a lot of work to protect us from the elements. We must worry about sun damage, dehydration, and sweat in the summer. We have to worry about windburn, chafing, and dryness in the winter. That's why it's so important to change our skincare routine when the seasons change! By using products that are designed for our specific needs in each season, we can help our skin stay healthy and happy all year long. 

So, what products should we use in the colder months? 

Look for occlusive products rich in moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, etc. These ingredients will help lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day. Protecting the skin barrier is your best defence against having to repair damage from irritating ingredients.  

You might also want to consider using a thicker cream or oil-based cleanser in the winter instead of a foaming cleanser that can strip your skin of its natural oils. An oil cleanser can dissolve dirt, oil, and makeup with ease. Take time with your cleansing routine and use this as an opportunity to massage the product into your skin. Remember, light pressure (almost none). Massaging the facial lymphatic system helps to reduce puffiness and water retention.

Starting with your neckline, use your fingertips in a gentle sweeping motion moving upward along the neck, jawline, and cheekbones. Continue around the nose and cheeks outward toward your hairline. Next, use soft, circular motions around the eye's delicate skin. Finally, massage those “11’s” upward and outwardly sweep across the forehead. No tugging or pressure is required to achieve results. TLC is all you need.

This a gentle reminder to slough it off.

As the weather changes, so does the cellular turnover of your skin. Exfoliating will lift those dry, dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, dewy glow. And gone are the days of harsh, gritty scrubs. You can save those for rough skin on heels and elbows!

Exfoliants and the process of exfoliating doesn’t and shouldn’t ever be painful. Using abrasives can cause micro-tears in the skin, leaving it susceptible to irritation and infection. Instead, a soft facecloth can gently lift cells on the most sensitive skin.

If you prefer to use acids such as AHA’s and retinol, a good rule of thumb is to remember that if it stings, burns or turns your skin red - it’s too harsh. So curb that back by starting with a lower potency once a week and working your way up. You can also buffer the acid by mixing it with moisturizer before applying it to create a light barrier, reducing the irritation and protecting the skin’s barrier.

Slug it!

We love to slug, and not just at bedtime! Slugging can be the final step before bedtime to help lock in moisture and allow your products to penetrate the skin. It can also be a lifesaver on those frigid, windy days that chap the skin.

Slugging is applying an occlusive such as petroleum jelly or bees wax based products to help dry skin. The keratinocytes and lipids are imperative to repairing and protecting the skin barrier. Only a pea-sized amount is required. Too much can clog pores and leave your skin feeling like a grease trap. Moderation is key. 

Finally, don't forget about SPF! 

Just because the sun isn't beating down on us as harshly doesn't mean we don't need protection from its harmful UV rays. Look for an SPF 30 or higher to help keep your skin safe all winter. 

Seasonal skincare is essential for keeping our skin healthy and happy all year round! Using products specifically designed for each season can help our skin stay hydrated and protected no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. So don't forget to change your skincare routine when the weather does - your skin will thank you for it!

P.S. We talk a lot about protecting our skin. We love helping you find the proper routine, treatments, and products to maintain your skin’s integrity. Book a consultation with us today so we can get you on the right track!


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