Let the Good Times Glide

Let the Good Times Glide | Loshen & Crem

Personal lubricant for comfort and pleasure.

Loshen & Crem recently introduced Dame, an exciting new line of vibrators designed for your pleasure. With vibes for solo and partner playtime, you’re sure to reach new orgasmic heights, boosting the benefit of a natural glow to your skin. 

Just as one has a skincare regimen for their face to protect from environmental conditions and maintain the skin’s integrity, proper lubrication can prevent irritation and tears of the vulva during intercourse. 

Women of all ages experience hormonal fluctuations with their monthly cycle or as they go through perimenopause and menopause. These imbalances can leave you experiencing vaginal dryness, or you may have a sensitivity to silicones, perfumes, or additives, which eliminates many store-bought lubes.

Did you know that many lubricants contain SUGAR and GLYCERINE?

Some manufacturers use sugar to make flavoured lubricants palatable for oral sex and glycerine to decrease friction. But, those same two ingredients disturb your natural flora, causing nasty itching and burning yeast infections. An abundance of yeast can inflame the vulva, increasing pain and discomfort.

Dame’s Alu keeps your comfort in mind. The list of ingredients promotes a healthy pH balance so you can focus on pleasurable tingling sensations, not the ones that have you running for the icepack!  Water-based Aloe Vera provides the perfect glide, and Mushroom Extract promotes blood flow for sexual function. The extracts of Quinoa Seed, Hemp Seed, and Green Tea reduce inflammation, while Linseed and Oat Kernal Extracts provide natural moisture.  

More than a complementary accessory, Alu is Dame’s natural, organic and water-based lubricant and is gentle enough for delicate skin while maintaining vaginal pH balance. Alu’s gentle ingredient palette will allow you to relax and enjoy your roving exploration.

Packaged in a blue glass bottle, it travels discreetly in your carry on luggage or blends in on your vanity with your skincare products. 

Dame Intimacy. Because the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. 


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