The team cheerleader, always reminding people of how incredibly unique and powerful they are. Her role is multifaceted and that tickles her pink, which is also her favourite colour, although you'll see her mostly wearing black.

As an experiential learner, I’ve had various job experiences, including as a salesperson, flight attendant, event manager, talent booker, tour manager, aesthetician, freelance writer, and marketer.

My love for skincare started at a young age, thanks to my Aunt Lorrie, who introduced me to the industry with my first manicure and skincare routine at ten years old. I started working as an aesthetician in 2000, taking breaks for other job experiences, yet always returning to the industry, and now work at Loshen & Crem.

I met Sarah in 2018 when we both worked for a global beauty brand and became instant friends. I have been a part of Loshen since its inception as a model for courses she took and products she tested, and have watched Sarah grow the company from two products in her home to a beautiful Facial Boutique and an online store. I  was her first employee, as well as a freelance writer. I continued to learn the ins-and-outs of Loshen and am now full-time as Business Manager.

As Business Manager, I wear several hats while working alongside the team to learn and grow the company. Being involved in all aspects of the business is what drives me. I am especially proud of our team, the most dynamic group of women I’ve had the privilege to work with. We are open, honest, compassionate, and respectful, which translates well into our actions. Our customers can feel our passion for the industry.

Turning 50 shifted my priorities and perspectives, and as a writer, I aim to write a book, maybe even two. After losing a parent to depression, I struggled with my mental health for decades. I also lived through domestic abuse for almost seven years, and coming out on the other side of that has been a life-altering journey. I am healthier and happier than ever, and I know that sharing my experience has and will continue to help others.