Edmonton Down Syndrome Society

"We have no idea where life is taking us or even where we'll be tomorrow... but life surely knows our roads better than we do!''

The loss of a child is an excruciating ordeal. This tragic event, contrary to the natural order of living things, turns life upside down. 

Yet, you wonder how a simple thing like smiling is still possible, but life has to go on regardless. 

After the loss of Ezekiel, my first son, over thirteen years ago, I was trying to find a reason to hang on and find a purpose in my life ... 

Then came the loss of my second angel, my Mathys. One of the biggest dreams of a woman is to become the mother of a healthy baby. 

My dream then suddenly vanished. I had to find the strength to continue walking, continue to have confidence, and above all, have faith in life. 

Everything that happens in life has one goal: GROWTH. 


These tragedies allow us to discover the hidden side of our life. Challenges develop our strength so that we find… enough happiness to remain nice and become strong, enough pain to stay human and hope to be alive and happy. It is the hardships that reveal us. 

Challenges are opportunities for us to see ourselves in our reality. So if you had asked me just two years ago if I was ever going to own my business, I probably would have told you no!!!

 I would never have dared to think about it, but life often guides us where we need to be. Sometimes we wonder why, but everything in life happens for a reason, and here I am today, running my business with gratitude and as I envisioned it. 


Sometimes our light goes out, yes it does.

But then it's turned right back on by another human being. For me, others have been my source of light. They gave me strength, empathy and made me realize that I have a genuine need to help others. This road that I decided to follow brought me to a dream that I wanted to realize for a while, but I did not know how, why, what? 



The greatest gift to give someone is your time, attention and love ... Even though money doesn't buy love, it can bring happiness to those in need.


 I have often told myself that it is essential to surround yourself with people who illuminate your life. Some people are lights for everyone because they know how to love. Here I am talking about Down syndrome. When we meet these people with Down's syndrome, they fill us with joy by their attitude. They bring order to the world of values. 

And for my part, they had already known how to touch my heart, since I was very little. That extra chromosome makes them very special to me. 


This is why, from September 1, 2020, until March 1, 2021, $ 10 will be donated from each of my services to the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society.


Below is a direct link with Edmonton Down Syndrome Society to make your donation ... A donation in memory of a loved one is a beautiful way to honour life and express your sympathy, while sharing your concern for this important cause.


Your donation not only pays tribute to someone special, it funds programs that benefit people with Down's syndrome.


I also want to say a big thank you to the beautiful Kendra for putting me in contact with the EDSS.



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