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Orit Cohen

Loshen & Crem offers a range of skincare products, including masks that are well-regarded by users. Their face masques are often praised for their high-quality ingredients and effectiveness. Users report that the masks leave their skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and revitalized. Many appreciate the natural ingredients and the lack of harsh chemicals, which can be beneficial for sensitive skin.

at home spa

Nice treat for the face at home. Works well with the Omnilux Clear.


Goes on so smoothly and helps with the dry spots. Skin felt moisturized and boosted after few applications.

Jennifer Millar
Ante Age Eye

Have noticed a little difference so far.

light but powerful

I like the light texture of this for day time. May or may not have caused a milia so if your eyes are prone to them, just be cautious. Overall nice product

so good

One of my favourite sheet masks that really add bounce and glow to your skin. The creamy texture and smell is also amazing

Lovely colour!

Such a lovely subtle nail colour, I will definitely be ordering more! Delivery was super quick (:

So far so good!

I bought this cream for the DNA enzymes . It has a nice consistency , no scent, and doesn’t break me out . It’s thin enough that I do feel I need more moisturizer so I add Venn red oil on top before my sunscreen. Whether I can say it’s improving my skin is hard to say but I have faith in the technology and will continue to use this since I’m in the sun quite a bit and want to hopefully fix past damage if possible or at least minimize future damage.

This is a beautiful product. I love it

Sunscreen review

This sunscreen is easily applied and works well under makeup. Performs well.


Amazing product! Noticed a difference around the two week mark, tighter skin, great complexion!! Totally recommend !

I been finding since using this product faithfully my skin has never looked better. Highly recommend this product.

Leslie Mills
Prime Regenera 1

This is a great moisturizer. Sarah and Hala recommended this cream for my dehydrated skin and it has truly transformed my skin.

Leslie Mills
Valmont Renewing pack

I received this as a gift with purchase and I will be purchasing the full size of this product.
I use it over my serums (thin layer) and under my Valmont moisturizer. This is an amazing product that makes my skin glow and my skin looks smooth and very hydrated.

Setting powder

This is the best setting powder that I have ever used. The translucent color does not leave a white cast. I am 63 with some deep wrinkles and this powder does not settle into my wrinkles or pores.

Hala Haddad
Great go-to for acne prone skin

If you're in your 30s but dealing with dry, acne-prone skin, you may really enjoy this! It's more moisturizing than ISO-placenta cream and Creme Elastine, and leaves a beautiful glow. I noticed comments on the smell, but like any "beige cream" from BR, (a treatment cream) it has a funky smell from the yeast- as they all do. It does not affect the performance and you get use to it. If your skin feels dull, dry and acne-prone (but not severe inflamed acne), you will love this! If you can't tolerate yeasty scents, this isn't for you.

Game changer !!

This product has replaced ALL of my skincare! It is pricey but worth it!

Great for the complexion

I just started using the clearing serum and I feel that I've seen some results, Its a lightweight serum and doesn't make your complexion feel greasy. Works well on sensitive skin too.

Pamela M
pro system

Love it! Great products!

New Fave Discovery!

This is my first time trying Cosmedix products and I can safely say I am now HOOKED. This set was the perfect introductory purchase and it worked like a charm. The smell, the texture, the feel and the results are to die for. I would definitely recommend to anyone with acne-prone skin. Love :)

Mirjana Price
Not sure how I feel yet

I have been using the Eye Brightener for about 10 days now. I’m not really sure if I see any changes yet. I also use the full face mask daily ( for the last 3 weeks). I am not sure if there is a benefit in using both?
The one thing I don’t like about the eye brightener is the fact that the charge only lasts for 3 uses. So I can do both eyes the one day and then the next time I use it I can only do the one eye because it needs to be charged. The instructions say not to charge it until the battery is fully depleted. I wish it would at least last for 4 uses so I can do each eye twice before charging.

Dee Pasicka
super serum

First time I started to use this product I had so many compliments on how my skin was glowing and stunning 😍 highly recommend this.

best I’ve found

It does it’s job wonderfully, and always leaves my skin feeling so much smoother then any other cleanser I have tried.

I suspect it has helped (along with some other products recommended by Hala) a lot with my adult acne. Thanks Hala!

happy skin

I’ve been using this product for 5 months now and accidentally ran out before ordering more. I already knew I really loved Harmonize but being without it for 5 days made me really appreciate just how much this product does for my skin texture and just how effective it is for keeping my dry acne prone skin moisturized.

Bonus points for a very lovely fragrance.


Wow, I received a sample of the moisturizing booster and I was really impressed with this product. It's got an incredible texture and it's like you are rubbing liquid silk onto your face and it's absorbed quickly too. Not at all sticky and the effects are noticeable. I'm definitely going to consider making a purchase of the full size.