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Nice cream

Very nice, smells gently, lovely. Absorbs quickly, nice under make up. Skin feels great after use.

Very nice cream

Very good moisturizer, no smell, no heaviness, absorbs quickly. I'm happy with this choice.

Love this Creme

I love love this creme. This is my second jar of this wonderful creme. I love the glow that it gives my skin. I also love how it lightens my hyperpigmentation and dark spots.As everything that we do for skin we have to be consistent to see results. Results doesn't happen overnight either. I use it with the PIGM 400 toner and the serum. It brightens the skin and truly love the glow. This is one creme that I will have and love forever. It is a must have.

Love this cleanser

This cleanser is very hydrating. I use this as my second cleanse. I love how my skin glows and how smooth after cleansing. It is very gentle and effective. It is a brightening cleanser and love it.


I have been using Lotion P50 PIGMENT400 for a year now. It really made a difference in my skin tone. My pores seem smaller and less visible, the texture is more even and I don’t get any breakouts. Can’t imagine my skin regime without this product ever again.

Best of all!

This summer is the first time I have tried the EltaMD sunscreen and I absolutely love it! I’m already on my second bottle. It’s light, fast absorbing, doesn’t leave any shine or greasy residue and doesn’t smell like a typical sunscreen. Most importantly it doesn’t clog pores. I would highly recommend it!

Line eraser

Love this for upper lip fine and not so fine lines!


Whatever your skin issue, using mc110 preps skin for every serum, cream, and/or treatment.

Favourite BR Cleanser

I had been using the VIP02 cleanser for several months and always felt like something was just missing. My skin felt dry + tight afterwards and never quite achieved the glow I was looking for. Switching to LAIT E.V was a game changer for me, my skin feels nourished + so hydrated. This is the milk cleanser for me.

Amazing product for the scalp

This is my second bottle. I use it mainly for my scalp. I used to have itchy flaky scalp and oily. After using this it got rid of all my scalp issues. I can also go longer without washing my hair compared to before I started using this product. My hair seems healthier. I use this once a week. I massage it on my scalp with a scalp massager and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing. Love this product pricey but worth it. I can't for back to my oily, itchy and flaky scalp.

Great store

Shipping is fast . Good service

Love this product. Very hydrating

Works so well with dehydrated skin. I love how hydrating it is without being heavy. It is perfect for summer. I love how light it is and it absorbs quickly. It makes my skin softer and firmer and more radiant. It is a must have for aging and dehydrated skin

Perfect Nourishment for Your Skin

This is a beautiful multi-purpose product. It is incredibly nourishing for my skin, but I have to be careful to not apply it too heavily near my t-zone since it is rich in lipids. It feels very luxurious to apply -- like a big jug of water for your skin. My favourite way to use it so far is to apply it with one of my other BR creams at night. Definitely will repurchase!

Loshen & Crem is my go-to for BR products. They're always generous with samples, ship very fast, and are so helpful at recommending the right products for your skin.

Brittany M
Perfect Accompaniment to P50

You can really feel this serum working on your skin. I have sensitive skin and mild rosacea, and I find this is most effective when used sparingly (every other night). I love to use it after P50 PIGM 400 and before my nightly serums for extra exfoliation and regeneration. It's a beautiful product that will last me a while. Definitely will repurchase! Ordering from Loshen & Crem is always an amazing online experience with fast shipping and beautiful products.

Incredible Everyday Moisturizer

I am in LOVE with this cream. It is lightweight yet so hydrating and sits incredibly under makeup, giving you a beautiful and luminous glow. It is also very calming and I've already noticed a difference in my redness from rosacea after one week. I use this in the morning and combine it with Masque Vernix in the evening as my nighttime cream. Unlike most of my other BR products, this does not have a noticeable scent, so it is very pleasant to apply. So thankful to have finally found my holy grail moisturizer! Definitely going to repurchase!

Ordering from Loshen & Crem is always a wonderful experience. Shipping is fast and the service from Sarah is amazing.

My Mornings

Book ending my days with self-care routine has been a great way to manage over the last few months. My new cryo-sticks are such a treat!. They have given me an appreciation of my face's muscle structure and help me care for myself in a way that reminds me that care is not just about the surface, it is about the layers beneath. While I am a lover of gua sha, my cryro-sticks are unbeatable. My face looks fresh and rejuvenated, I feel the lymph drain and puffiness is reduces. And, I love the cool feeling. So glad, I made the decision to take a few more minutes of my day to care for myself. Thank you to the Loshen Team for their help along the way!

Cynthia Crockett
Creme Grand Millesime

I love all of the BR products but this is most certainly a beautiful creme. Absorbs and plumps the skin while providing a natural glow.

Great all purpose creme

Love this lightweight fast absorbing effective creme. Tones and lifts and plumps. Perfect for neck and décolleté.

Lotion P50T

Lotion P50T is the only thing that is making my oily stressed skin feel calm and clear.

Masque Vivant

With each use, my skin feels clearer, and less stressed looking. Amazing product!

Annie Jones
Very gentle

Gentle and non irritating cleanser. Does not cause any breakouts. Will definitely repurchase.

Great for acne prone skin

Very moisturizing yet does not clog pores nor cause any irritation. Great for night time.

7 stars for a product that gives 7 benefits!

Such a convenient Spray application! The Skin Purifier is my go to "toner"/ first step right after cleansing day & night, and I let it sink in and dry before using p50 in morning, or straight to Serums at night because of adapalene use. I also use it sporadically throughout the day if I feel like it! More time is needed to thoroughly see results, but I like it so far!

Jennifer Lawrence
Holy grail!

This cream keeps my skin clear of mask-ne.
I wear it every night. Some people might lot like the smell (it’s sort of apple cider vinegary) but it’s goes away when dry. If you have oily skin, this is a game changer.

Jennifer Lawrence
So tasty!

This has a lovely flavour. The cinnamon is a perfect touch. This will be my go to fall and winter beverage.