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Only face cloths you need!

These are incredible. I have purchased multiple packs of these. They’re extremely soft and help elevate the cleansing experience. They wash well and do not shrink if you toss them in the dryer.

Might be my favourite cleansing milk

Simply changing to this cleanser when I felt my skin getting dry made a huge difference. Also very good when skin is irritated. An often overlooked BR milk cleanser option that should get more attention!

Miracle worker

This serum is a hidden gem for acne prone skin. I have been experiencing irritation and acne, Sarah recommended adding this to my routine and it has been great! Helps heal and in my opinion, strengthen the skin. Have and will repurchase!

Half & half


The idea of a flexible palm-sized brush is good. However, I find it a little difficult to manoeuvre with my extra-small hands. (Still, I do manage.)

Mornings, the brush has a tough time going thru my hair. Untangles the strands pretty much, but then I still have to use my boar bristle brush to finish. So, a workaround does the trick.

Cindy Deachman

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Lasts long time

I have been using this every night just on my stomach but it has lasted me a really long time! I do enjoy how this makes my stretch marks look! Obviously it doesn’t erase them but it makes them a lot less noticeable.


Really great product! Love how it makes my skin look calm and neutral! This will be a repurchased product over and over!

Overnight face lift

Exceptional product that tightens and lifts, I have very early stage fine lines and in combination with my BR routine have noticed incredible results.

Amazing Product!

I've been very happy with Lait U, it has been a great cleanser, it is gentle on my skin, does not cause irritation or dries out my skin either. I've been very happy with Sarah's recommendation.

Such a lovely tinted mineral spf

I quite enjoy this Mineral spf! Has a light beige-y tint, that goes on very smoothly, and feels rather nice to apply. Adds a little colour/evens out my skin tone a bit, as it is just slightly darker than my skin. For every day use, I tend to switch between using this spf, and the Australian Gold botanical Tinted Face spf in fair to light (for skin tone reference) (Australian Gold has a much more pink tone though) I definitely prefer the eltamd tints' tone! And I love that this spf doesn't break me out, even with acne-prone skin! Overall a great, non greasy, "chemical free" mineral sunscreen that I will probably repurchase to have on hand.

Such a wonderful gel/cream emulsion.

I love Emulsion Originelle Regenerante so much! So soothing, and nourishing. I use a tiny bit of this emulsion every morning (I have Acne prone skin, so I need to be careful not to overdo it with oils!) under Creme VIPO2, and it makes my skin feel so smooth, calmed, and nourished. I also use it if my skin is feeling sensitive/reactive, and it immediately makes my skin feel so much better. Has a strong plant smell which some people find weird, but personally I love the green/earthy smell and look forward to using it! Thanks again to Loshen & Crem for being the quickest/most attentive group out there, and for being so generous with the free samples!

Serum 3R

This is a really amazing serum. Provides light exfoliation and makes my skin so smooth! I noticed a difference almost instantly. I started using this every day and night because I got so excited by the initial results, but it was a bit too drying for my dry, sensitive skin. I now use this every other night and it’s perfect. Great customer service and very fast delivery as well. Thanks, Loshen and Crem!!

Excellent hydrating serum

I have normal-dry skin and this serum is perfect for any season. Keeps my face feeling hydrated without suffocating. Absorbs really well, even better with the gant mini visage. Overall this is a staple in my serum regimen.

Excellent Product

Another repurchase that's how much I love this product. You can feel the tightening effect immediately. I use it in the morning. It works well with the splenodermine QS. The glow that it gives under my make up is a bonus. Love love this product.

Must Have Serum

I love this serum one of my favorite. I always struggled with large pores specially on my nose and T- zone area. My pores are less visible. Keep my pores nice and tight. One of the serums that I can't go without.

Amazing cleanser!

Heard so many people raving about this cleanser!

So excited to try and I am not disappointed. My face feels so soft and cleaned after using this!


Bought as a gift for my aunt. She loves it! Definitely will buy another bottle for myself as well

Hydrating and absorbs beautifully

This had sanitizer is very hydrating and I love the fact that it is not sticky and absorbs quickly. I also like how slim it is , it fits nicely in my bag. The lavender scent isn't my most favorite from the line however it works nonetheless.

Lair vip02

Deep cleans without stripping skin. Must have for city living. Love the new pump!

Amazing Product

I have extremely fine hair but lots of it. It has been highlighted for years and i use the best shampoos and conditioner but i noticed it was still very tangled after washing. I purposely did not condition my hair when i washed it last time and used my new Manta Hair brush. This brush just combed out my hair perfectly with very little hair loss. I highly recommend this product.

Game changer!

I’ve always used some sort of exfoliating toner and if I don’t feel the sting I don’t expect it to work. This one gave me results in about a week. I noticed that my skin was way less congested and a lot more smooth. It gives you that glow. I’m on my second bottle of this and can’t wait for my 50 day result!

Love love love!

I have been struggling with my skin for the past year, this creme was a game changer for me. I read reviews about the smell... honestly, give it a few minutes and you won’t even notice. My skin has been perfectly moisturised—it absorbs so well. The delivery was super speedy as well—thank you Sarah!


This is the best purchase out of the line! A must have for anyone! A definite game changer:)

Like Butter

Love this product! It makes my skin so dewy and smooth!

Soft and environmentally friendly!

Love how soft they are and that they help reduce waste!