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I love love love the idea of this and have been coveting for so long so I was disappointed that it does not meet my expectations. The lip balm is pretty good and the cap is secure and leakproof but the lipbalm container does not stay in the cap! It falls out from the smallest movements, including picking up the water bottles and setting it down. I wanted to love this, but it just doesn’t work.


These are really wonderful at reducing under eye puffiness and calming the skin!

Great product!

Ideal for soft and hydrated lips + beautiful color…will definitely try other shades

Great product!

Great product
This is my favorite sunscreen, super easy to apply and feels nice on the skin (non-greasy).
I used it while hiking and being in the sun all day…protection level at 100% verified :D

Oksana Tabunchyk
Like it

I really like my skin after serum.

Great for sensitive skin

Great for smooth skin that reduces breakouts and marks!

Aman Mann

I have this Ecotao mitt (thanks Sarah for recommendation), I cannot imagine washing my face without it! I just ordered these and can’t wait!

Its awesome

I got this essential oil as a sample with my order for free and I really loved it. Please do it a try.

Stylish and compact

Having this glass nail file means I’ll no longe have to use disposable ones. Although they work fine, this new one not only works well but is also stylish and compact. I imagine I’ll be able to get many many uses out of it.

Love this scent

I bought this essential oil to use with my bedroom diffuser and it’s exactly what I wanted scent-wise. It really does smell like being in a forest, as advertised.

Soothing and refreshing

This is a soothing and refreshing aloe vera gel which I like for redness but it has lots of other uses too. It also doesn’t have a scent to it, which I prefer.

Made my skin so smooth!

I received a sample and can't wait to order a full size. The mask was so hydrating and left my skin so strong and smooth!


I received a sample of this mask & loved how calming & gentle it was on my reactive skin.

Love these soap bars!

Love these soap bars! They look chic and smell great!

Khuraman M
The best anti-aging serum!

This one beats le grand serum by far! It feels wonderful on the skin and when used consistently absolutely helps soften the lines! I also love how it goes well under any area and combines well with any serum. Cannot be without it in my routine!

This is the best moisturizer EVER!

I am on my second jar, I love that it has a refill and you save $$. It's worth every money.
This is the best moisturizer, it plumps my skin, my skin is hydrated and feel so smooth. Thanks again for introducing me to this line.

Not for me

I haven’t notice anything with this eye cream. I love BR products but I haven’t found an eye cream yet for my puffy eyes. Everyone’s skin is different, I am not surprised this works wonders for others, just not for me.

Aman Mann

I’ve finished the entire bottle. I have used it every morning. Can’t say exactly what it did as I don’t have acne prone skin but I did notice the very first morning how radiant my skin looked. I’m looking forward to trying another serum now but do plan on coming back to this one.

It’s nice

It’s a nice light cream. I haven’t noticed much difference. Maybe it’s just my skin but I did have high expectations from this cream. I prefer durmopurifiante


One of the best sunscreens I’ve used. So gentle for everyday wear, no white cast. I’m so glad Loshen carries it now.

Love these soap bars!

Love these soap bars! They look chic and smell great!

Love these soap bars!

Love these soap bars! They look chic and smell great!


I was my hands often and this formula is very gentle!

Must Have!!

I was given a sample as my skin was being irregular. It was more on the oily side (usually my skin is dry/dehydrated). My face is also quite sensitive so I’m pretty scared to try new products. I had no issue at all with this one!! Goes on smooth and gives a nice glow.! I don’t think this “gel” is as hydrating as other BR crèmes though.

Brittany Arthur

I’ve used body oils before and most absorb quickly and your skin forgets it’s even there with no lasting results. But this brand defies science! This has the impact of a lotion but in such a beautifully light formula. It’s a lasting moisturizer and gives you that enviable sheen everyone wants. It’s a skin lovers dream!