Omnilux Medical fait partie de GlobalMed Technologies (GMT), une société de technologie médicale de premier plan basée dans la région de la baie de San Francisco. GMT se spécialise dans les appareils à base de lumière utilisés dans diverses applications cliniques et cosmétiques, tout au long de ses presque 25 ans d'histoire, GMT a fabriqué ou distribué certaines des marques les plus reconnaissables de l'industrie. 
      OMNILUX pour HOMME
      HYDROGEL OMNILUX MASK | Face and neck mask | LOSHEN & CREM
      HYDROGEL OMNILUX MASK | Face and neck mask | LOSHEN & CREM
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      Omnilux Products

      LED Light Therapy Products for Improve Skin Tone

      The medical and aesthetic applications of light therapy treatment protocols are the subject of continuous research, and the consensus is in: Light therapy improves skin tone and can help you achieve younger looking skin! 

      Now, you can add the benefits of light therapy to your existing skincare regime from the comfort of your home. No need to seek out cosmetic and laser therapy services, you can have powerful and popular Omnilux light therapy products delivered right to your door.

      Omnilux's line of LED light therapy products offers users professional-grade treatments that promote global skin health and skin rejuvenation. The Omnilux Contour Face Mask, Hydrogel Omnilux Face Mask and Omnilux Clear are three of our most popular products, each designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

      Omnilux Face Mask (Canada) 

      With their professional-grade treatments and cutting-edge technology, Omnilux is more than a trusted brand in medical grade light therapy– they are the gold standard on the market today.

      Omnilux Contour Face - Light Therapy Mask 

      The Omnilux Contour Face is a revolutionary device that utilizes medical grade light therapy to address the visible signs of aging on the face. By using a combination of red and near-infrared light, the mask can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving skin texture and tone. 

      Hydrogel Face Mask

      The Hydrogel Omnilux Face Mask is another powerful tool in the fight against aging. Its advanced hydrogel solution is engineered to maximize light penetration, allowing the light therapy mask to deliver anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits deep into the skin's layers. The outcome is skin that appears and feels healthier with a smoother and more luminous complexion.

      Bring Out Your Skin's Inner Glow - Experience the Omnilux Difference Today!

      At the heart of Omnilux's success is its team of specialists, who work tirelessly to uncover new and novel indications for LED therapy and create innovative treatment protocols that meet the evolving needs of people like you! Already holding more FDA-approved indications than any other brand, Omnliux continues its industry leadership through its unwavering commitment to research and development.

      Omnilux treatments and LED mask products are an excellent choice for those looking to promote global skin health and achieve visible anti-aging benefits. Suitable for all skin types (including acne-prone skin), Omnilux’s non-invasive LED technology uses two clinically proven wavelengths of light (red light (633nm) and near-infrared light (830nm)). 

      This powerful combination reduces inflammation, minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin tone after just one treatment! For optimal results, three to five weekly 10-minute treatments are recommended for four to six weeks.