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The Me Line Peeling is specifically formulated to cater to two distinct skin tones: light and dark phototypes.

This advanced peeling treatment is designed to target stubborn concerns such as melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Remarkably, significant improvements are often visible within just a few days following the treatment.

Originating from Spain, this innovative peeling offers two types of treatment options tailored to different skin tones, ensuring effective and personalized care for diverse skin concerns.

Meline® peels are designed to safely regulate melanocytes, providing long-term management of pigmentation concerns. In addition to addressing pigmentation issues, Meline® offers innovative solutions for dark circles and intradermal treatments that target stubborn pigmentation deeply rooted in the skin's dermis.

Your Meline® treatment at our clinic is further enhanced by a professional-grade protocol that you can continue at home. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal results, both during and after your in-clinic treatment sessions.

Your Questions Answered

While you may come across conflicting information online, we believe in transparency and honesty.

However, it's important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, rosacea, acne, reactive skin, or a damaged or compromised skin barrier (even if it's recent), or if you're taking medication or supplements that cause photosensitivity, we do not recommend this treatment for you.

At Loshen & Crem, your skin health and safety are our top priorities. We take great care to achieve results without risking harm. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact us before booking the Meline® treatment or consider booking a skincare consultation. This will allow us to assess your skin condition thoroughly and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.

Yes, with Meline, we can target hyperpigmented dark circles (brown) and spot treat dark spots. The fee for this treatment is $550, which includes the necessary home care products. However, please note that if you have a sensitive eye area, this treatment may not be suitable for you as it involves a potent peel that can potentially irritate your eyes.

Two to three days after the treatment, you may notice the skin starting to flake and peel. During this initial phase, you may experience sensations of tightness, itching, and slight redness on the face. While it's uncommon, some individuals may continue to experience peeling for up to a couple of weeks following the treatment. To support the skin's healing process and minimize irritation, we advise avoiding activities such as cardio, hot yoga, hot showers, or anything else that may stimulate the skin during this time.

We do not provide discounts on Meline® treatments. The initial session includes home care products intended to last approximately 30 days. Should a follow-up session be necessary, the cost will be $350.

It's crucial to strictly adhere to the recommended Meline and Cimel product regimen between the initial and subsequent sessions.

Deviating from this regimen by using other products may compromise the desired results, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Once you've attained your treatment goals, we recommend integrating Meline Day and Night products into your skincare routine for ongoing maintenance. Incorporating these products once or twice a week can help sustain the results achieved during your treatment sessions.

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