Colorescience offre une protection contre chaque rayon, fiers de leur utilisation de  Minéraux, antioxydants et plantes 100 % purs et naturels. Propulsé par la technologie EnviroScreen™, Colorescience conçoit ses produits pour lutter contre les facteurs de stress environnementaux, y compris la pollution, qui affectent le teint des gens.

      COLORESCIENCE LIP SHINE SPF 35 | Lip sun protection | LOSHEN & CREM
      COLORESCIENCE LIP SHINE SPF 35 | Lip sun protection | LOSHEN & CREM

      Is Colorescience a Clean Sun Protection Brand?

      Customers trust Colorescience because they don’t use harmful chemicals in their products, and have won various prestigious awards for their innovation. Their products provide long-term positive effects by reducing the impact of skin conditions over time. The EnviroScreen™ Technology behind Colorescience prevents antioxidant degradation, which allows for improved hydration by 200%-500%.

      Additionally, Colorescience is revolutionary because they use physical sunscreens instead of chemical ones. Chemical sunscreens can cause the development of skin problems such as acne and rosacea. Worse still, they generate heat and absorb into the skin. By contrast, Colorescience uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to both calm and protect the skin.

      Here are a few bestsellers you should consider for your skincare:

      Sunforgettable Enviroscreen™ Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50

      Perfect for on the go, this brush-on sunscreen bears the honor of being the only powdered sunscreen recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for active use. It can be applied under or over makeup. It blends in well to ensure the skin looks natural and the Brush-On Shield is made with a hydrating formula.

      Colorescience® Tint du Soleil™

      This hydrating formula contains multi-vitamin complex, peptides, ceramides, and milk lipids to improve and nourish the skin’s appearance. It also provides UV and environmental protection.

      Total Eye® 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35

      Vegan and unscented, this renewal therapy lessens the effect of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It can act as a primer for eye makeup.

      Mineral Makeup

      In 1977, the founder of Colorescience, Diane Ranger invented mineral makeup, which can be applied to all skin types and ages. It provides total protection, especially when users re-apply it throughout the day. Because Colorescience doesn’t use chemicals, the minerals in their sunscreens do not break down.

      When it comes to makeup and sunscreen in general, water is always a concern. But Colorescience sunscreen products have the highest water-resistant rating, so you don’t need to worry.

      How Can I Buy Colorescience Products in Canada?

      Our team of specialists love to help each Canadian customer find the right products for their needs. Colorescience’s sunscreens are the next step in skin protection and the future of beauty.

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