Structural Remodeling system


the pinnacle of muscle toning technology, proudly crafted in Canada.
Structural Remodeling System

The RMD stands as a unique and extensively evaluated system in the market, dedicated to enhancing overall well-being by effectively addressing signs of aging through non-invasive methods. Engineered with precision, our device is tailored to specifically target various concerns associated with aging skin, including texture refinement, expression line smoothing, pore tightening, and muscle toning in the facial and neck areas.

Employing a multifaceted approach, the RMD operates through several key mechanisms:

  • Enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Stimulating fibroblast activity for collagen production.
  • Increasing synthesis of collagen and nitric oxide (NO).
  • Restoring skin cell homeostasis.

These combined actions work synergistically to promote skin rejuvenation, resulting in a more youthful and revitalized appearance.

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