Êtes-vous à la recherche d'une expérience de rajeunissement de la peau qui changera votre vie?

      La boutique LOSHEN & CREM accorde la priorité à votre peau et à vos besoins de beauté. En fournissant des produits de soins de la peau et des solutions cosméceutiques de qualité clinique de la collection Doctor Babor, nous proposons une approche personnalisée qui permet d'obtenir des résultats visibles, mesurables et précis. Les ingrédients innovants et puissants de Babor améliorent même les peaux les plus compliquées.

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      Is Babor a Good Brand?

      Yes it is! Because the Babor brand creates a variety of precision cosmetics for every skin type, people from all walks of life can achieve visible and exact results. Babor conducts medical research while combining innovative ingredients to produce results that can satisfy even the most difficult type of skin.

      Use balancing cream to hydrate combination skin. Use calming cream to soothe irritation. Use ampoule serum concentrates for skin that needs intense results. Answer your skin’s call for help with Babor products, and love the skin you’re in.

      Where is Babor Made?

      Babor skincare is made in Germany where their headquarters is located. Originally started and owned by Doctor Babor and his family in 1956, the business is now owned by the grandchildren of Dr. Leo Vossem. Babor represents the pinnacle of cosmeceuticals and continually develops a higher standard for others to emulate.

      Is Babor Natural?

      Yes, Babor products are made from 98% natural ingredients that are produced by scientists in their labs in Germany. They make a point of using sustainable and vegan organically grown ingredients, such as:

      • Cacao Extract
      • Sugar Beet Extract
      • Glacial Meltwater
      • Tree Oil

      Derived from fair-trade sources, the natural ingredients are integrated into formulas with the highest level of efficacy to produce long-lasting results and restore the health of your skin tone and type. Additionally, Babor manufactures beauty products without microplastic particles and environmentally harmful synthetic polymers.

      LOSHEN & CREM customers will be happy to hear that Babor does not test their products on animals.

      Our Skincare Product Selection

      Looking for ampoule serum concentrates, collagen cream, or a Vitamin C serum? Babor has everything you need to manage and maintain your skin. Whether you’re looking for the Babor Skinovage collection or a simple face mask, the brand carries a wide variety of items including:

      • Rose Toning Essence
      • Hyaluronic Acid
      • Hyaluron Serum
      • Oil Cleanser
      • Enzyme Cleanser
      • Eye Cream

      Doctor Babor products and treatments aim to protect skin, revitalize it, or reduce signs of aging. Benefit from the Babor luxury treatment today by shopping for our best sellers above.

      Our LOSHEN & CREM experts have a vast knowledge of the skin and a deep care for providing the best solutions to implement into your daily skin care.

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