It’s a Heatwave Baby!

It’s a Heatwave Baby! | Loshen & Crem

A Summertime routine to beat the heat and get the most out of your skincare products.

The carefree days of summer are upon us, and the inferno of the summer months can wreak havoc on our skin. Hot weather increases water loss and oil production, leading to dehydration, dry, and irritated skin - think chafing, rashes, and breakouts.

When the heat rises, so does our body temperature. Our hearts work harder, dilating blood vessels and raising blood pressure. The body’s internal cooling system works by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface, and we expel that heat by you guessed it: SWEATING.

Beating the heat isn’t always possible with extreme temperatures. So, when you can’t beat it, get in the flow with it. The last thing you want is for your skincare products to be melting off while applying them to your skin. Navigating which products to use and how to use them can be a sticky game, but we’re here to help get you through those sweltering days - for the health of your body and your skin!

Tricks For Healthy Skin

Our experts will help you get the most out of your skincare products with these handy tips.

Store Products to Keep Them Cool

Hot weather can break down the integrity of serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and after-sun care causing separation, a sour odour, and degrading efficacy. Storing products in the fridge can help prolong their shelf life and make them feel comforting on the skin during your routine. The cooling effect also helps reduce any puffiness, redness, and irritation while relieving inflammation from the burn of too much sun.

Shed Your Winter Skin

With your summer skincare products now proudly out, it’s time to bring back your glowing skin of the summer! Use a vitamin infusion serum to revitalize your skin, especially one that contains a high amount of vitamin C and vitamin E. Applying a few drops to your face and neck will add colour to your complexion because vitamin C improves fine lines and collagen production. It’s best to apply this serum after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Note: Exfoliation often leads to sensitive skin, so avoid sun exposure immediately after applying the serum.

Oily Skin: Keep it Simple to Avoid Pimples

Okay, pimples might not be completely avoidable, but minimizing your star lineup of products can avoid oil slicks and help to reduce painful breakouts from overproducing your body’s natural oils, such as sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance that sits in the middle layer of the skin to hydrate and protect the skin’s surface. Unfortunately, the overproduction of sebum mixed with dead skin cells can cause the pores to clog, and that’s when blackheads or that red, inflamed bump starts to form.

To help keep those breakouts at bay, double-cleanse in the evening to remove makeup, sunscreen, and the environmental build-up of the day. Gel-based products and a foaming cleanser are ideal for oily skin.
Follow your cleanser with a gentle exfoliant one to three times a week to slough off dead skin. Then, rinse with cool water to calm the skin and tighten pores to prevent further clogging and irritation.

How Can I Change My Skin Care for Summer?

Another thing to avoid in the summer is using thick creams to moisturize. It may be great for thirsty skin in the winter months, but can be heavy and irritating in warmer weather. Temperature and humidity levels influence changes in the skin’s complexion, so avoiding the thick moisturizers can lessen exacerbate unnecessary skin conditions.

Instead, replace them with lighter products that will absorb into the skin rather than sit on top, leaving you feeling sticky or greasy. Remember, you can store the other products in the fridge to use for a reparative mask or preserve it for cooler days.
When it comes to makeup, try an SPF powder as a finishing touch. Look for one that absorbs excess oil while providing sufficient sun protection.
If in doubt, consult your skincare professional for the proper treatment and product recommendation.

Drink Up and Eat Light
Stay hydrated for optimum body function. Most of the human body is made up of 70% of water. So as you sweat, you lose water, and this can be damaging to organs and the brain.

Some indications of dehydration are:
Muscle Cramps
Dark Yellow Urine
Dry Skin
Excessive Thirst

Prevention is always better than intervention. So drink plenty of H2O; in fact, more than usual is better.

You can stay hydrated by increasing your intake of fruits and veggies high in water content, such as:

Leafy Greens
Sports Drinks (Electrolyte Replacement)
TIP: Skip hot and salty meals to avoid bloating and the heavy feeling left in your gut. Take a probiotic enzyme for good gut flora.
ATP LAB Electrolytes XL is a performance product that contributes to muscle function, hydration and pH balance.
ATP LAB Probio 7 probiotics provide 50 billion active cultures to help support intestinal and gastrointestinal health.*
Keep Calm and Listen to Your Body

If you listen, your body will tell you what you need to know. If you’re feeling sluggish, nauseous, or unwell, stop and rest. Get out of the heat and into the chill.

Find somewhere with air conditioning and allow your system to regulate. If this isn’t possible, use an ice compress or wet towel and place it on pulse points, such as the back of the neck, wrists, knees, and soles of your feet. Also, wearing loose, damp clothing can help your body drop a few degrees.

Create a refreshing personal mister. Fill a spray bottle with water or a calming herbal tea, such as chamomile mixed with aloe, cucumber, and your favourite essential oils. Store it in the refrigerator and spritz it over your face and body for an instant fix.

Prevent Sun Damage

Use Sunscreen. SPF 30 blocks out 97% of UVB rays, but feel free to use broad-spectrum SPF products found here at LOSHEN & CREM. They protect against UVA and UVB rays, providing the ultimate sun protection. Made with hyaluronic acid, you reduce your chances of skin cancer. Our line of broad-spectrum products is for all skin types.

These days of summer will fly by before we know it and soon we’ll find the brisk days of winter upon us again, so enjoy the summer while it lasts. Stay cool!

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